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Wearable Future

It is clear that the future is truly wearable. Everyday we see more concepts for fitness bands smart-watches and and glasses which offer more intuitive solutions to the static technology of today where we are held down by screens, heavy laptops and tablets. Fitness bands which give real time information on heart-rate and health giving people more control over there own well-being are becoming more and more popular such as the fitbit and Samsung S-bands.

The next generation of smart-watches offer greater functionality and a longer battery life than current models,

the pebble steel looks a lot more like a regular watch than its previous version yet has more functions and capabilities than ever before. Tech products are also utilizing fashion houses to give them a better image as currently they aren't that fashionable and are too focused on function rather than appearance. this is crucial to converting more and more people to wearable technology in the future even current health bands are just rubber bands of varying colours.

 A greater level of variation in design is also crucial for smart fashion to be successful. Now, if something is a hit, everyone wants it, lots of people buy it, and with so many people wearing the same thing good design becomes a commodity. For fashion, an industry that places so much value on originality, that's a huge problem. If everyone wears the same shirt, eventually we'll all look the same — and being the "same" is equivalent to fashion death.

(Microsoft band exploded view)

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