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Return Home

Introducing our

"Return Home"" program

All products purchased from us can be returned when you have completely finished using it and no longer need it.

Our new product take back programme means when you are done with any of our products you can easily return it to us and we will repurpose it into something new, extending its lifecycle even further.

There are three simple steps

1)Contact us through any of our channels.

2)We ship out a return pack to you.

3)You post it back to us.

We aim to create a circular product system that benefits everyone.

This is part of our circular sustainability promise to you.

By working together we will reduce waste and reuse almost everything we produce.

We are a small Irish company and cannot offer a full buy back programme (yet), therefore all it costs you is postage from your area. We provide a return pack to you to easily send it home.

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