About our founder

David Mooney was born and raised in Galway, Ireland.

He Studied Product Design in UL and also studied in TU Delft in the Netherlands.

He has always been interested in design and how things are put together.

designing for everyone with a focus on preserving the environment and ecology.

Our Galway based design studio was founded in 2019 and we are making sustainable products built for everyone with a circular design ethos in mind.

"with the current environmental crisis still ongoing it is more important than ever to create better with a focus on reuse and modularity throughout the entire process."



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Biodiversity plan

We have laid out a number of key points and targets below to ensure we meet our biodiversity and manufacturing responsibility targets from 2020-2025. Circular product system including Implementation o

Circular living.

We Make it. You use it. You return it at the end of its useable life. we make new stuff from any broken parts. We donate any unbroken units to those who need them.