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Biodiversity plan

We have laid out a number of key points and targets below to ensure we meet our biodiversity and manufacturing responsibility targets from 2020-2025.

  • Circular product system including Implementation of circular product security programme.

  • Waste free packaging by the end of 2020.

  • One product manufactured means we plant one native tree. Wildflower and hedgerow management.

  • Encourage the use of wildlife aids such as bee hotels etc in suburban and city locations.

  • Plastic free company from the start.

  • Green energy utilised for production, office and manufacturing activities.

  • Full co2 impact analysis for all company activities on an annual basis.

  • We aim to be a carbon negative company. Our carbon output is our problem and responsibility. The climate emergency has not gone away and we need to actively respond. By 2025 we aim to remove twice as much carbon from the atmosphere as the business puts in.

  • Long term Green infrastructure plan will be devised working with a number of stakeholders.

It is up to everyone involved in manufacturing and production to take proactive responsibility for their full impact on our planet. we must create a better and more sustainable way of living. Inaction leads to destruction of the environment and cannot continue.

Our circular security programme will ensure a complete looped system. you simply buy the product, use it for the length of time that you need it for then simply send it back so we can re-purpose it or make new stuff from it using innovative design techniques.

Our Offcut range is made up of our manufacturing and production offcuts. we make limited numbers of these based on the amount of material we have. this is just one of the ways we can reduce our overall waste and help us to achieve a full circular cradle to cradle loop.

we are also cognisant of mindfulness in the home especially now.

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