Nomad collection

Circular design is simple and could help solve common furniture issues, like the need to change furniture for growing children’s bedrooms, or college students and young professionals moving from one apartment to another.

The Nomad collection is a range of products that are meant to be used and re-purposed as required. Simple tool free assembly means easier movement and customisation for the user.

add-ons will be brought on-stream which will improve functionality over time.

If at the end of your products usable life you can send it back to us to be re-purposed into new products so they wont go to landfill.


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About our founder

If the product does not last longer than it took for the tree that it came from to grow, you are doing damage. objects should outlive trees.

Biodiversity plan

We have laid out a number of key points and targets below to ensure we meet our biodiversity and manufacturing responsibility targets from 2020-2025. Circular product system including Implementation o

Circular living.

We Make it. You use it. You return it at the end of its useable life. we make new stuff from any broken parts. We donate any unbroken units to those who need them.