Social distancing today

We are entering an increasingly tough housing market with limited supply but a large demand means we need to find a new way of living and some out of the box thinking. there are a number of alternatives.Many people believe that we need large houses even with a few people living there but large houses have a lot of wasted space that isn't used most of the time. We should build smaller and smarter creating truly smart cities and communities. These smart cities would in turn be more eco-efficient and easier to maintain.

Social distancing in theses smart cities would be really challenging but is achievable.

more green spaces between housing developments and car free streets which would accommodate cyclists and pedestrians are required if we are to reinvigorate town centres and cities after this crisis has passed.

We are creating a number of products to encourage sustainability and greener living.


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If the product does not last longer than it took for the tree that it came from to grow, you are doing damage. objects should outlive trees.

Biodiversity plan

We have laid out a number of key points and targets below to ensure we meet our biodiversity and manufacturing responsibility targets from 2020-2025. Circular product system including Implementation o

Circular living.

We Make it. You use it. You return it at the end of its useable life. we make new stuff from any broken parts. We donate any unbroken units to those who need them.