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Workerbee Design

Updated: Jan 27, 2020


Workerbee is a multi-functional unit made for modern living where nothing is static and everything is changing. It can be a seat, shelves, storage, mini work-space when you need it. Built in tray on the side could be used as a lap desk or to carry food and drinks around.

Workerbee came about due to the ever changing home and the need for smaller products that do more for you in smaller spaces. Made from sustainably sourced birch Plywood with a focus on circular design and reusability. The aim of this Product is to reduce overall waste and create a usable multifunctional product.

CNC designed and manufactured in our workshop in Galway, Ireland.we use only sustainable materials that are plastic free. All of our designs are tool free and can be assembled quickly and intuitively. We aim to reduce our packaging and waste to the lowest possible level over the coming months.

Sustainable design and creating products for small spaces is the future of living. We have received many positive reviews for all of our designs and we are focused on creating the best products for everyone. Keep an eye on our website and social media channels for more great products

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