Working from Home (WFH)

With the current working situation which includes a large amount of the workforce working from home, there is a real problem with space and keeping your work area separate from family living. everyone is using there kitchen tables there sofas and coffee tables, all of which aren't great working environments.

Nobody knows how long this will last and how it will change society but there is a clear opportunity to really improve our work life balance. To achieve this a level of separation is required that allows you to flow from workday to home life at home.

There is a clear need for better workspace solutions and Clamp and Tangle aim to be part of that solution. We offer fold away desks and home office solutions for even the smallest work areas.


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We Make it. You use it. You return it at the end of its useable life. we make new stuff from any broken parts. We donate any unbroken units to those who need them.